Farmstead Cheesemaker

Bringing to your table hand-crafted cheese
from our integrated dairy farm and creamery.

Our Philosophy

Moon River Dairy Co. was born out of passion, dedication and a deep connection to the land. These are our raison d’être, the driving force behind everything we do.
Our passion for cheese developed over time and across oceans, imparting in us a profound appreciation of the art of fine cheese making. What started simply as a love of cheese, developed into a desire to create something extraordinary by utilizing the abundance of the fertile Indonesian land.

We strive to challenge the notion that cheese making is, largely, a European tradition. We do this by creating cheeses that are not only well made, but also unique to its terroir. As a pioneer of farmstead cheese making in Southeast Asia, we are committed to establishing Indonesia in the global stage.

Our Process

Our cheese making process starts in the early morning, moments after milk is expressed.
Producing our cheese within the farm allows us to process the fresh milk with minimal intervention, ensuring that the best quality is attained.

Once the milk arrives, starter culture is introduced to increase the acidity of the milk. This inhibits the growth of harmful pathogens by allowing good bacteria to flourish. After the desired pH level is reached, rennet is added to turn the milk into curd which we then cut to separate the solids from the liquid whey in a process called syneresis.

Our Cheese

Cheese is nothing short of alchemy, it is a beautiful combination of art and science
Our cellar is where the art of aging takes place. It is where our cheese enters its final stage before it is ready to be enjoyed.

Our cheese needs to age gracefully, thus we take careful steps to ensure that the final product reaches its optimum texture and flavor profile.

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Opening Hours:
We are open Monday to Friday
from 9.30 am - 5.30 pm.

Please contact us to make arrangements if you are planning to visit.